Written by Carolyn Mason on Friday 18th October 2013


1 exciting festive menu (avoiding dry
turkey at all costs!)

1 large dance floor for a good knees-up!

A small chillout area for the non

An unlimited dose of beer, wine and
soft drinks

1 realistic budget

1 date that works for all

1 large cup of Christmas Cheer

It’s that
time of year when you hear the dreaded words from the Boss ‘Can you sort out
the Christmas party this year?’ Where ON EARTH do you begin? Your ‘To Do’ list
is already 2 pages long and now you’ve been given this extra burden of finding
a place for a Christmas party that will suit everyone. And what an epic task it feels…  Your company is made up of such a mixed bunch
of personalities, ages and likes, how do you even begin working out what will
make everyone happy?!

Never fear,
here is a really easy recipe to follow to help you organise a Christmas party
they’ll all be talking about for years…. 

get a realistic Christmas party budget from your boss agreed.
There are so many venues out there all with lots to offer but such
diverse prices.  A budget will help guide
you in the right direction for what you can afford. Hotels can be quite boring
rooms with not much creative inspiration (and there is the concern that you
might have to spend a fortune to make it more entertaining) whereas some unique
venues can be perceived as too expensive.

be scared to haggle! Here at Merlin Events there is always a discussion to be
had about your Christmas Party budget. Do you have a fixed date or can you move to a different
day of the week that is cheaper? If you chose a standing party over a seated
dinner, could this be cheaper for you?

around and get an idea of what worked and didn’t work with previous events.

  • Do
    you need somewhere close to the office?
  • Are
    transport links the most important or do you need parking for coaches nearby?
  • Do
    you want somewhere that is available until the small hours or are you keen to
    get people on the last tube?
  • Do
    you prefer fine dining or do you want a creative party theme?
  • Are you big
    dancers, or do you prefer to be entertained?
  • Is it all
    about the free bar, or do your group prefer to quaff on a quality vintage?     

you are armed with the tales of Christmas past, you can either contact lots of
venues yourself or use an events agency to help you call around and find out
who is free.  The plus side of contacting
the venue yourself could be that the venue can reduce their rate further as
they are not paying agency commission.

life easy for yourself. Even if you are asked to organise a formal seated
dinner, let people choose where they sit on the table and just assign them a
table number. That way, people are more likely to have a good time as they get
to choose who they sit next to on the table.

sure you lean on the experienced event manager to do the work for you. You have
enough to do in your actual job! The Merlin Events team is made up of
experienced event managers who will take all the hard work out of organising
the event for you but some Christmas Party venues don’t provide the same level of event management
service, so try leaning on the caterer for help instead.

never going to find somewhere that suits absolutely everyone, but you need to
find the venue that will appeal to the majority. The great thing about Merlin
is we’ve included all the key ingredients (including entertainment,
unlimited drinks package and a variety of high quality dining options to suit
your needs) to make life easy for you. They are also really well know
Attractions; most of which you wont have been to since you were in the brownies
and cubs!

So the best
recipe for a good office
Christmas party?

Mix together good food, drink, entertainment in a great fun venue. Relax
and rely on the event manager to deliver a fantastic party that will make you

Sounds like a perfect
recipe for Christmas Party cheer!

Written by Carolyn Mason on Friday 18th October 2013



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