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  • beach wedding

    “I do…” Where would you like to take your wedding vows?

    Gone are the days of popping to your local church to get hitched, followed by a pint, sandwiches and (slightly soggy) crisps at the village hall.  After the Marriage Act 1994 things changed, and civil marriages enjoyed the freedom to take ...

  • chocolate for blog1

    Resistance is futile – bring on the chocolate!

    Seen as an invigorating drink, mood enhancer and aphrodisiac, chocolate is so much more than a naughty treat.  The Aztecs thought that cacao seeds were the gift of the God of Wisdom, and a 16th century emperor Montezuma even drank three ga...

  • re-sized daffodils for spring has sprung blog

    Spring has sprung

    Suffering from spring fever? 10 top tips on how to get through spring... Time to shake off your winter doldrums - it may be blustery and chilly but its official, spring has sprung. As Mark Twain wrote “In the Spring I have counted ...

  • Brexit3

    Case Study: Best of Brexit Promotional Event

      Case Study Merlin Events hosted their Brest of Brexit event on March 1st to relaunch the Riverside Rooms and the private hospitality on the London Eye. The Riverside Rooms are located on Southbank and overlook the River Thames. Wit...

  • Mothers_Day_London_Eye_capsule

    Mothers Day Gift Ideas

    Mothers Day! It's the one day of the year when we all stop and thank our mum's, and it's just around the corner - March 26th to be exact. If you are anything like me, Mothers Day really sneaks up on you and although there has been plenty...

  • London Eye night scene

    London is open!

    We love the Mayor’s new campaign #LondonIsOpen. Have you seen it? It’s a very simple idea but so effective.  Last year we began to feel the after effects of Her Majesty’s 90th birthday celebrations as London welcomed a huge amount of...

  • Living_in_the_now

    Living in the moment… how do you live your life?

    How many times have you eaten a meal without really tasting it, or driven to work without noticing the journey?  If, as Michele Rosenthal suggests, our subconscious mind runs 95% of our lives – wouldn’t it be great if we could be m...

  • Photo credit: Fat Buddha Yoga

    Case Study – Flexin at SEA LIFE London Aquarium

      On Monday 16th January 2017 Merlin Events teamed up with Fat Buddha Yoga (FBY) – London’s original r...

  • The perfect romantic gesture - London Eye Cupid's Capsule

    The best and worst of Valentines day

    Valentine’s day; love it or loath it, the 2017 edition is here! According to Wikipedia we have been ‘celebrating’ this tradition since the 14th century, although the flowers and gifts didn’t come about until the 18th century. You...

  • Trump-makeup

    What do Chewbacca, Louis XVI and Donald Trump have in common? Answers on a postcard please..

    Two days before the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, an important unveiling took place in London.  This was the moment that the President Elect (as he was then) Donald J Trump took his position amongst other world leaders in the Ov...