This week we hear from ‘Food by Dish’ who
love a good summer BBQ and want to inspire you for the weekend ahead….

Dish HQ we have been working hard to give you a taste of summer and the must
haves for a perfect BBQ.

out 5 of our BBQ top tips to help with the coming season:

It may sound obvious but plan
ahead and make sure you have enough gas/charcoal for the BBQ. There is
nothing more infuriating than being ready to roll and not having the means
to do so!

is key
A variety of food is essential
and don’t forget about your vegetarian friends! We aim to include 4
different meat options including a fish option. Recently we have been
serving Lemon thyme and pink peppercorn crusted beef fillet, Wild boar
shoulder plus soft shell crab with a chilli and lemongrass marinade and
Red mullet fillet wrapped in banana leaf. Having said that you can’t go
wrong with a classic burger and all the trimmings.

Vegetarians like BBQ’s too….
And this year we have been serving the very popular bonito glazed sweet
potato kebabs and Israeli giant cous-cous stuffed peppers. Vegetarian
means no meat, so it is important not to cook their food on the same BBQ
as the meat eaters!

Sometimes dessert is overlooked
at a BBQ as the focus is on the yummy burgers and sausages; satisfying
those of us with a sweet tooth is key! Lots of desserts can be made in advance
so you don’t have to worry about them whilst cooking the BBQ. This year we
have flipped the British classic dessert of Eton mess on its head and our
Tropical Eton Mess is a real crowd pleaser. Filled with passion
fruit, mango and pineapple it really is a palette cleanser. You also can’t
go wrong with an English rhubarb and elderflower trifle or a traditional
summer pud!

Food and drinks go hand in hand
so try to select your drinks choices around your food. If you are serving
exotic food then why not serve an even more tropical cocktail. Our
Brazilian BBQ this year has been washed down by Caipirinhas. Brazil’s
national cocktail, made with cachaça, sugar and lime.

summer banging down the door, why
not fill up your paddling pool, put your flip flops on and give us a call for
us to do all the hard work for you!

This blog was written on Wednesday 17th July 2013

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