By Michael Aldridge General Manager of Events, Merlin Events

prices are starting to perk up thanks mainly to our esteemed chancellor giving
away £15billion of interest free loans and a pent up demand for properties due
to the lack of homes being built.  Yet, can
we really be sure that as the Bank of England governor makes himself comfortable
at his desk that we are on a true road to recovery or is this conservative
bubble to create the illusion of recovery just in time for the next election?

for us at Merlin Events has been challenging but I feel the business is
starting to recover with higher spends and a return of the big parties, when I
say big I don’t mean Millennium year but you know parties for 500+.

large amount of our fellow event companies have gone bust; some have risen from
the ashes in some dubious “phoenix” style manoeuvres, I am not too sure how I
feel about this. Yes we all make mistakes but I always felt we should have to
pay for them not the innocent third party.
This debate takes me off track though.
Green shoots, the media seem to finally be behind the economy and I
think most of us agree that the media plays a big part in either talking the
economy down or up which in turn gives consumers and business leaders the
confidence to start to spend or to scare them into saving and not

enquires for December are far more robust but the Awards Dinner market seems
subdued. I am not sure if this is because clients are moving towards a more
informal approach or if clients are deciding not to produce an event every year;
what do you think?

the Murray win, the sun shining, Media positivity and London at bursting point
with tourists 2014 will I have no doubt be a good year; subject to no major
changes i.e invading Syria or other international events. Ok a Royal baby event
is welcome with images of the happy couple posted across the world, just
reminding the globe of brand UK and why we are a great place to host your
incentive programme or conference.
However, please media stay positive and give us all a break and let’s
get this party started.

Do you
think Awards Dinners are being done less in 2013? if yes what area of events is

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