Posted on 29th July 2013 by Natalie Westbury, Event Manager at Merlin Events

It’s that time of year again when a
student’s life comes to an end and the graduate is born.

For some a huge relief to have survived
those fond years filled with assignments, hangovers and other miscellaneous
activities that don’t need mentioning.

You’ve got the memories and you’ve got the
degree, so what next?

Post Uni blues and the fight against as
many as 80+ graduates for that one sought after dream job can be daunting.

With ever growing pools of fresh and
talented graduates how do you make yourself stand out against the rest?

Here are my top tips to you:

  • Google
    yourself – go on admit it, we’ve all done it before. However, this is
    important when it comes to potential employers searching for you, what comes up? Chances are your Facebook
    page will come up so make sure you have adjusted your privacy settings
    accordingly as you do not want to stand out for all the wrong reasons!
  • Use LinkedIn
    – maximise your profile. Ask lecturers and past employers to recommend and
    endorse you. Connect and stay connected, keep an eye out for jobs posted
    by other connections and by following relevant industry groups.
  • Here’s a few event groups we recommend
    following on Linked In:

            Events Jobs

            C&IT Magazine

            Event Industry news

  • To keep the social media theme going, follow these twitter accounts to keep up to date with event industry news:




  • Speak to recruitment agencies who offer a free
    service of agents who have key links with employers and can provide top CV
    and interview advice.

           Looking for a job? Try looking at:



           Unique Venues
of London

  • Tailor, persist and pursue – Don’t be lazy and copy and paste the same CV and covering letter for every application, tailor it with key words from the job description and company values. If you are going for an agency job, why not create a visual fun and funky CV and drop away from the standard 2 page black and white text document. If you have landed yourself the interview make sure you follow up with a thank you email and let them know you are excited to hear back.
  • Not having much luck?  In our office we are a true believer in
    the 360 degree approach to everything. There are so many paths you can take,
    don’t be afraid to dabble in venues, agencies, catering or production. Get some work experience even if it’s a day or two, you never know who you may meet or what it may lead to!

Remember you get out what you put in, be
prepared to work hard to work your way up the career ladder…

Good luck!

Posted on 29th July 2013 by Natalie Westbury, Event Manager at Merlin Events

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