When you think of the London skyline what comes to mind?

We guarantee the EDF Energy London Eye is one of the top 5 iconic landmarks on the tip of your tongue! Since opening in March 2000 the London Eye has become a symbol of modern Britain and is visited by over 3.5 million people a year.

This week we have launched a joint event promotion with the London Eye, where by if you book a Dinner or a Dinner Dance at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium during 2013 you will receive a complimentary London Eye Experience for your event guests.

THE QUESTION however is how does the EDF Energy London Eye continue to re-invent the wheel? (no pun intended!). So we met with Helen Bull, Marketing Director of the London Eye to find out how the UK’s most paid for visitor attraction continues to remain current to their audience.

Now 13 years old, how has the London
Eye experience changed for guests over this time?

The core 30 minute rotation has
remained the same.  However we have made a number of additions and improvements
for guests.  We have introduced a 4D pre-show film which is an amazing and
inspiring 3D film of  journey of discovery  that brings London to
life with multi-sensory special effects. We have also introduced Samsung Galaxy
tablets in each capsule which give information in 4 languages on the key London
landmarks that you can see from the London Eye.  We have introduced a
number of seasonal and capsule experience products such as wine tasting,
champagne tasting and Day and Night tickets that provide something for everyone
and give continued reasons to return.

How do you overcome the challenge of ‘re-inventing the wheel’ when
looking at new ideas for your customers?

New ideas generally come from
customer feedback or research insight. We regularly undertake customer exit
surveys and focus groups to ensure that we deliver the best possible service
and experience for our guests and that it is relevant.  Our seasonal
experiences such as Valentine’s and Christmas are refreshed each year based on
learning’s and feedback.   The London Eye offers a huge range of
products and experiences that provide something for everyone and at a range of
different prices.

What is your most popular themed capsule for corporate and private

most popular capsule with hospitality that we provide is by far a capsule with
champagne and canapés. We find this is particularly popular as a perfect
pre-dinner experience (before events at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium!), allowing for drinks and a little something to eat with
London as the backdrop!

It’s been an exciting few years for London with the Olympics and the Royal Wedding, what impact has this had on the EDF Energy London Eye?

Events such
as the Royal Wedding, London 2012 Olympics and Queen’s Jubilee has had a very
positive impact on London as a whole and the London Eye has been able to feed
off the back of this.  As the iconic symbol for London, the London Eye
enjoyed fantastic PR coverage during the Olympics for example playing host to
the Torch Relay, being the centre piece of the closing ceremony and hosting
corporate sponsors and many overseas broadcasters.  The London Eye
continues to be a ‘must do’ attraction for overseas tourists and domestic
visitors and big events such as these only help to further support that

What event stands out as your favourite?

I think that this would have to be
the Red Bull event that we held in November 2011. This was an exclusive
hire of the London Eye from Red Bull for the London leg of their international
Red Bull Music Academy The event centred around well-known musicians and DJs
playing to a select audience in each of the 32 Capsules.  The event was
streamed live online and there was a silent disco on the landscape in front of
the London Eye for guests to be able to tune in to the capsules.  Red Bull
are a fantastic innovative brand who really like to push the boundaries and
this type of event was a first for the London Eye.

What’s next for the EDF Energy London Eye?

Through new products and experiences and partnering with other
brands for events we want  to continue to innovate and provide new and
exciting experiences and products for our guests giving strong reasons for
people to choose the London Eye if they haven’t already been or to come back
again with clients or friends. The quality of our staff and customer service
will ensure guests have a memorable experience so that we remain a must do
venue and attraction for consumers for the long term.

This blog was written on 30th July 2013 by Emma Greenfield, Marketing and Event Manager at Merlin Events

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