At the weekend I visited a well known bar in Chelsea (don’t worry, that’s not normally where I can afford to spend my weekends). Anyway, because of the name and the image of the bar you expect everything else to be just ‘so’. That’s not always the case, the bar staff (beautiful as they were) were about as useful as a chocolate teapot and we ended up getting complimentary drinks because our first drinks took half an hour to arrive. The thoughts that I am now left with are ‘nice place, useless staff’.

My point is your staff need to represent your business in a way that will make customers remember your brand for being great not for being useless.

Here at Merlin Events we continue to receive client feedback complimenting our friendly staff.  For in excess of 10 years now, we have used an international events agency based in London called IMAGE hospitality who provide excellent event hostesses for all our London party venues.

IMAGE was first started by Jane Wilde, this week we interviewed Jane to find out how IMAGE began and why her staff are the cream of the crop when it comes to event staffing here in London.

So Jane, how did you first get into the events industry?

I was a professional dancer for 13 years performing in shows around the world and also working in television. I also appeared in 2 Bond films as well as being a regular on the Big Breakfast as a model and their advertising idents.

In between my dance and T.V jobs, I worked for many agencies as a hospitality hostess & supervisor, which also took me around the world working on prestigious events for Aston Martin and numerous Sporting Events.

Tell us about how IMAGE began?

During my dance career I would always say that ‘I would love to have my own agency one day’, low and behold on 1st October 2002 that’s when Image Hospitality began trading.  After only trading for 5 days we won the contract to supply event support staff for Merlin Events at their top party venues in London, which has been a roaring success for the last 10 years. We have a great track record of keeping hold of our clients, which has shown our great knowledge of what our clients require, within the events industry.

Our first event back in 2002 was for Imagination Gallery, which is still a client of ours today.

With many staffing agencies in London, how does Image separate itself from competitors?

We believe that at Image we supply a top team to all clients, whether that being a team of 4 or 50. We know how it feels to work on the floor, so have an understanding of being a team member and what the client expects of the staff. Our Image is your Image, so we want to make sure that all our staff fit in within our standards. We‎ also meet all staff before putting them out on an event. We have a large team of loyal girls/guys that really enjoy working for Image and our clients.

The event industry has definitely grown over the last 10 years, with lots of new venues opening along with more agencies trading. It’s a hard industry but also a very enjoyable industry, as every event is different and we hope to make it like that by supplying the excellent quality staff that we have on our files.

Looking back, what would you have done if you were not running Image?  

I do think that
if I didn’t run my own company, I would definitely be in the events industry
somewhere. As my background of working for an agency as a booker and also as
events supervisor/hostess leads me to a great knowledge of the business, and
one that I will be in for many years.

This blog was written on 12th August 2013 by Emma Greenfield Marketing and Events Manager at Merlin Events London


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