This blog was posted by Emma Greenfield on Tuesday 25th Feburary 2014.

Last Spring in Greenpoint New York, partygoers stopped by a pizza joint to say farewell to their good friend’s Shannon Belisario and Khuong Phan’s as the regular couple celebrated their long term departure from New York with a ‘going away’ party.

Wearing casual clothes and sipping on beer, guests were relaxed and enjoying some pizza slices when the couple suddenly announced they wanted to take the guests to a nearby photo studio to get some snaps before they went away.

As guests gathered into the studio, the couple stood on a coffee table and asked everyone to get their cameras and cellphone’s ready because they were getting married right now!

Guests descended into cheers, tears and celebration as the couple went to quickly get changed into their wedding attire. They chose their best man and bridesmaids out of the crowd.

This was an ‘Ambush Wedding’. A trend that is taking off as couple’s do away with the traditional wedding format.

According to Carmen Feliciano, CEO of, a New York-based wedding vendor site “It’s driven by a few things: cost, need for personalization and time. People just don’t want to spend a year and a half having wedding planning in the back of their minds.” (New York Times)

Who can blame them, in 2013 the Guardian reported that the average UK wedding costs £20,000 and takes 14 months to plan.

By holding an Ambush wedding, the happy couple can easily eliminate the following if they wish:

·         Save-the-dates

·         Fancy invites

·         The Lenghtly planning period

·         Hen and stag parties

·         Rehearsal dinners

·         Outfits and presents for the bridesmaids and ushers

·         Months of worry over the perfect speeches

·         Extensive theming and decoration

·         Pressure on their guests to buy expensive wedding presents

All you need to do is find a different excuse to have a party that everyone should attend.

What do you think? Could Ambush weddings set a trend when it comes to event planning?

This blog was posted by Emma Greenfield on Tuesday 25th Feburary 2014.


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