It’s always important to take a step back to consider what’s trending to make sure you make your next event is the best one yet! Sit down, have a cup of tea and take a look at these 2014 event trends below!

1. Interactive AV

Add something extra special to your event with a projected red carpet with paparazzi flash bulbs, which would enhance any themed event at Madame Tussauds or project a giant interactive piano on to the floor at the Sealife London Aquarium. The possibilities are endless! Partridge Events have recently launched interactive projections, which uses fantastic motion capture technology to create a unique experience.

2. 1940’s Cocktail Revival

Why not start your event in style by joining the 40’s cocktail revival! This year at the top of everyone’s list is the classic American favourite “the Daiquiri”. Also popular this year is the “Gin Fizz” and “Whiskey Sour”! Yum!

3. Exotic Meat

A big trend in 2014 will see a move away from the conventional banqueting choice of white meat towards more unusual seasonal choices of meat. Ian Lilley, Head Chef at foodbydish says that ‘using seasonal ingredients is key to keeping things fresh and innovative. Gone are the days of pretty food steeped with edible flowers, 2014 see’s exciting ingredients that challenge the norm’

Some even predict that we can expect to see more woodland meats such as goat, rabbit and pigeon!! I’ll leave you decide on this one!

4.  Collecting Event Visuals

This has always been important to clients, and 2014 is no exception. Conventional photography and videography is still looking popular, but there will be an increase in social media content allowing guests to engage with the event. With Merlin Events you’ll get a free social media photographer with most event packages!

5.Unique Venues

With the end of the recession in sight, unique venues are once again the centre of attention. New venues like the London Aquatic Centre will soon be putting on events for guests to enjoy a unique experience. With everyone having a little more budget to work with events are becoming the lavish affairs that they were in the early 00’s. Where better to splash your cash than in a venue that your guests will talk about for months to come.

We can’t wait to see what trends 2015 will bring!! Stay tuned…

This blog was written by Gareth Mctiffin on Thursday 27th March 2014


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