My relationship with agents has not been unlike a marriage. On certain days I have made an effort, taken them for lunch, listened to their problems and offered support and advice. Other  times they’ve haggled over commissions and I’ve felt they brought nothing to the relationship apart from wanting my hard earned cash.

Now as I have gotten older, mellowed somewhat and the industry has developed, I can see a benefit of offering even more than the traditional 8% to sell “shoulder dates.” Yes I did say more and the number I’m thinking of is 12. Yes, 12%. This year I am offering 12 dates of Christmas across our attractions at 12% on the final bill.  These dates offer phenomenal value when combined with our £15 per person discount to the client. 

The dates in December I’m offering are as follows:

Thursday 1st          Madame Tussauds
Thursday 1st          London Eye Barracuda
Tuesday 6th           SEA LIFE London Aquarium
Tuesday 6th           Madame Tussauds
Thursday 8th          London Eye Barracuda
Monday 12th          London Eye Barracuda
Monday 12th          Madame Tussauds
Monday 12th          SEA LIFE London Aquarium
Monday 19th          London Eye Barracuda
Monday 19th          Madame Tussauds
Tuesday 20th         London Eye Barracuda
Tuesday 20th         Madame Tussauds

On another note, if anyone is looking for an integrated Neff oven extractor I have one sitting in my hallway. This was due to my lack of knowledge in checking the fuse in my current hood which had blown a fuse. Yes I did check the fuse in the wall, however the unit had another fuse in a concealed plug socket but thanks to Karl this has now been fixed. How many fuses does one extractor need?

My first blog seemed to grow wings and fly right across the industry, your comments were enlightening.  It would be great to know what venues and agents think about a more flexible commission structure – would you offer variable commission to sell dates? Or perhaps less on key dates and more to attract business on shoulder dates?

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