Blog #6 Starter for ten

With business remaining challenging and more clients now having nominated agents instead of just the internal events teams I am keen to know what people think about commission.

For 2012 Merlin Events London is streamlining its commission payments to 10% on the final bill on any event booked. This makes it easier for the agent and we can be transparent to the end client if asked, which sometimes happens now, whether our rates are commissionable by procurement departments.  I just hope party planners are being honest with their clients that they are taking commission and marking up prices – not best practice – and in fact in some cases illegal.

 I am happy to pay the commission but would really like the support of the agents in getting site visits booked in and then chasing for either a signed contract or a reason why the booking has not progressed.  Some agents, like venues, are better than others.  However, in these challenging times we all need to be working together to secure business.

So, how much commission is right for agents? Should planners be up front about exactly what they are making from their client?

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