Halloween Hits

By DJ Steve 

For a great Halloween party the music has to be a combination of the usual dance floor anthems mixed up with a selection of spooky classics, and we all know what they are! I also mix up spooky sound effects over the top of my set to make an even better experience. If the venue has screens or TV monitors then an optical experience can be created with visuals and music videos; clips of horror films are great and will also add to the Halloween atmosphere of the party.

Throwing in a few scary mashups of tracks is always a winner with the party crowd as well as playing the original tracks. It gives the DJ a unique spin on their sets and the crowd will appreciate hearing an exclusive version of an otherwise well known anthem.

The music should always be programmed to keep the dance floor buzzing until the end of the night and only an experienced DJ knows how to do this with ease. A combination of all these elements as well as a great party crowd in fancy dress can guarantee a fantastic time for all involved. Prepare to be spooked this Halloween!!

What tracks would you like to hear played at this year’s Halloween spectacular at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium?Tweet @MerlinEvents your requests.

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