The 21st of June is officially the first day of summer and after what has felt like a long and arduous winter we have already had the first taste of better weather.

The Great British Summer (however fleeting) always calls for an updated wardrobe and an energised spring/summer collection is a must for this season, you wouldn’t want to be seen in the same sundress as last year! This principle is the same for summer parties and events, no one wants to attend the same event they went to last year. So fear not, we have put together some mouth-watering must haves to ensure your summer party is on trend!


If every summer party has a wardrobe staple then this would certainly be the main course. Beef fillet with 18 hour marinated sticky pork shoulder, turnip puree and sticky port reduction is a wonderful seasonal example. Serving red meat at a summer event is a little unusual so it’ll make you stand out from the crowd, yet this dish offers a light and delicate taste which is ideal for those hot nights. When done well, this can be accessorised with any starter to create the perfect summer ensemble.

Another option to spice up your summer party menu is with a memorable dessert much like a statement piece of jewellery, is the perfect way to finish off an outfit. We recommend this delicious Peanut Butter Mousse with grilled bananas and salted peanut brittle. With the mix of the sweet banana and salty peanuts this dessert will leaving a lasting memory for all party goers.

Summer Dessert

Summer Dessert

As any fashionista will know, no matter what you are wearing is only part of the story, how you wear it is nearly as important, and in this case, if the food is the outfit the event itself is the proverbial swagger.

A way to keep your event as fresh as possible is to create an interesting and interactive theme, but I would only suggest having a theme if you are going to truly commit! There are obvious themes which still work incredibly well such as a Tiki or Hawaiian experience, and these classics are a summertime fundamental and will relax any party goer instantly. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous why not try a Mexican themed party? Mexican food is extremely popular now and you can have a lot of fun decorating your space with a Latino flavour.

There are other ways to make your summer event interactive and extraordinary, why not have a Gin Masterclass? Gin has become an exceedingly popular spirit and suits the warmer season, a fantastic Gin Sommelier will be a phenomenal talking point for any attendees whether they are Gin drinkers or not!

If you are still struggling to find ways to ensure that your summer party gets the attendees talking until Christmas there are some simple ideas which are timeless. There is still something classic about a summer BBQ and live band, the little black dress of summer events. Simple items such as bean bags, bunting and ice cream karts enhance the summer senses. To add a little extra, be it indoors or outside, fairy lights of varying sizes add an instant summer festive feel. Everyone loves a good fairy light!

Summer BBQ

Summer BBQ

Written by Ben Paris at Food by Dish

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