Valentine’s Day; love it or loath it, the 2017 edition is here! (If you are still stuck for ideas, we’ve got you covered with the best experiences London has to offer including a London Eye Valentines Day romantic experience).

London Eye Cupid's Capsule; london eye valentines day

The perfect romantic gesture – London Eye Cupid’s Capsule

According to Wikipedia we have been ‘celebrating’ this tradition since the 14th century, although the flowers and gifts didn’t come about until the 18th century. You would like to think that with a few hundred years’ experience we would be good at picking appropriate gifts, but when you ask around there are still plenty of horror stories out there.

With Valentine’s day just one week away, we thought it would be fun to ask our event managers for their best and worst Valentines in recent memory. See the results below …better cancel that booking at the fried chicken restaurant!

Becky Thomas, Senior Event Manager

Best – “Valentine’s Day 2015 was spent decorating the house we were just about to move in to. Walked in to our soon to be bedroom to roses and a V Day card and spent the night eating takeaway! #win”

Worst – “A friend got taken on a Valentines date to Nandos!!!!!!!!!! And then had to pay for herself… awful! #fail”

Natasha Martin, Event Manager

Tash tells us that being the centre of attention is the way to go “I reckon the best valentines gifts was one year at school.. say when I was 15 I got like 10 roses from 10 different guys ha! I also got a box of chocolates from one of them so I would say I was loving life at that point.”

But these days a card from hubby will do, just don’t take her out for chicken “The worst is just a card from hubby ha! Although I guess a card is better than nothing. My friend got taken to KFC on Valentines day by her new boyfriend when we were at uni so that’s pretty bad.”

Sam Burton, Head of Events

Sam is hoping for good things this year – “Best will be this coming Valentines (I hope!)– Lunch at Sandy Lane in Barbados!” But has a warning to check the minor details before choosing a gift – “The worst gift I received was at school a boy brought me earrings and I didn’t have my ears pierced! ha!”

What do you have planned for Valentines day? How about a London Eye Valentines Day trip?

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