This blog was created by Emma Greenfield on 30th July 2014

There’s no doubt about it, social content takes time to create, time to perfect and time to share. Once it’s out there how far does it really go? For some businesses, it’s like putting a fishing rod in a lake and hoping someone is going to take the bait.

This is where paid advertising comes in, taking your content and pushing it out to a bigger audience that remains relative to your market.

Below, we have outlined 3 actions to take with paid advertising on social media:


Promote your tweets to a wider audience

Setting up a promoted tweets campaign on twitter can be done in a matter of minutes. You can target your tweets to a wider audience, set by location, interest or gender. It’s cost effective as you will only pay when people click on, retweet, favourite or reply to your tweet. You can set the maximum daily amount that your willing to spend and twitter will also suggest an amount that is suitable for optimizing your campaign.

Once up and running you can track how well your tweets are performing and assess whether you need to amend your spend.


Linked In – specify which professionals and which companies will see your ads

Similar to Google advertising, Linked In allows you to create ads that consist of a headline, a description (75 characters), your company name and a small image. You can then specify which members will see your ads. If you are  looking to promote your event business to event planners and PA’s you can list this in your target audience information and even target the correct company size i.e. companies with less than 500 employees who are likely to host smaller events perhaps. Similar to twitter you can set a maximum budget. In our experience it may cost you more to

Linked In advise that you should have a clear and well written ad with compelling works, highlight offers and ensure you can a strong call to action.


Watch out for Pinterest paid advertising – coming soon

Pinterest has just trialed it’s first paid advertising campaigns with a number of large name brands.

Kraft foods have been targeting women between the age of 25-34 – an age bracket that was previously hard for them to communicate with and a target market that perhaps wasn’t that great at cooking but wanted to improve. They targeted the group with fun dessert recipes that they were likely to pin to their boards and make for friends and family.

In the coming months it will filter down to the rest of us. You will be able to promote your pins in users searches for topics like ‘event planning’, ‘event venues’. This will also be on a cost per click basis and can be targeted by gender, location and device.

Have you tried paid advertising on social media? How did you get on?

This blog was created by Emma Greenfield on 30th July 2014

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