A placement year – what’s that?

By Rebecca Thomas 

@Merlin Events on Twitter

I may have once said a placement year is a way to extend student life for another year, but now sitting at my desk and my placement having finished I would say it is the best experience of my working life so far. My placement year has taught me invaluable amounts about the events industry and A LOT about life.

As part of a ‘sandwich’ course every student completing the Events Management degree has spent the past year on a placement. However, I can honestly say I do not think anyone has quite had the experience I have benefited from here at Merlin Events.

From the minute I walked in the door on my assessment day I knew this was the placement I wanted; even leaving the building after a grueling 9 hours in an x-factor style assessment I still wanted to return!

You are probably thinking ‘what does Merlin get out of it?’ – Well they get two eager and fresh faces each summer. What better way to shake up the team than to introduce two young event managers to-be every year? Two students still learning the event industry ropes entering the office really does get everyone’s creative juices flowing and pushes the pace up a notch.

Interns keep the team thinking about the here and now, bring fresh eyes to existing processes and are also a handy tool for social media lessons! Even though we make the team feel older and older each year (sorry about that) I think the placement students help keep Merlin Events the dynamic and sexy team they are!

What benefits have you experienced on your placement year?

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